Brewing Brilliance: The Oriel Beer Saga

25/09/2023 Where Curiosity and Passion Crafted a Belgian Beer Legacy

In the genesis of Oriel Beer, curiosity and passion danced together, forging a formidable partnership that would ultimately birth exceptional craft brews. Emerging from the realm of hobbyist and homebrewing, an audacious idea materialized, its foundation a simple question: "What if?"

The ardor for Belgian beers ignited like a flickering ember, gradually intensifying as recipes underwent relentless refinement. Belgian Blonds, Dubbels, Tripels, and Quadrupels, each imbued with reverence, became the sacred verses of this beer-driven odyssey.







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About Oriel Beer


The chronicle of Oriel traces its origins to the year 2010, a time when curiosity serendipitously intersected with an insatiable passion. To be precise, the founding souls unearthed a shared love for Belgian-style elixirs like Orval, Rochefort, and the revered Trappist treasures. In a harmonious convergence of destiny, they decided to unify their strengths and embark on the exhilarating journey of brewing beer, initially as a pastime.


For five years, Oriel, originally known as Uriel, traversed the spectrum of amateur brewing, commencing from humble beer kits in a can and progressing through partial mash concoctions, all-grain symphonies, and even the enigmatic world of wood barrel aging. Twenty liters of liquid artistry, the very same recipes tenderly honed and enhanced over time, and seemingly out of nowhere, the affirmation they had sought emerged. Their amateur creations began to earn laurels at prestigious competitions across Europe, spanning the likes of Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.


Ioana Coca and Laurentiu Mandrila, individuals hitherto rooted in disparate professional landscapes, embarked on the endeavor to lay the cornerstone for their microbrewery. Equipped with diplomas in economics and management, their careers had previously led them through the realms of high-end fashion sales and the realm of music production. It was in 2015 that the decision to officially register Oriel as a trademark was made, marking the inception of a groundbreaking project from the ground up—the future Oriel microbrewery.

Nearly two years elapsed in the pursuit of constructing their dream establishment and securing the requisite operational licenses. During this interval, the blueprints for future brews took shape, each meticulously tested within the confines of the trusty 20-liter kettle. Then, in the wintry embrace of December 2017, Oriel Beer was formally unveiled to the world, debuting with two Belgian-style marvels, Oriel Blond and Oriel Dubbel.


Image Source: Oriel Beer Facebook

The genesis of the brewery's name drew inspiration from the celestial hierarchy of the seven archangels, with Uriel being a prominent figure among them. Regardless of one's faith or lack thereof, Oriel stands as a testament to guidance, perseverance, and the alchemy of creativity. Uriel, the archangel of light, wisdom, illumination, and sun, a patron of both arts and sciences, wove the threads of inspiration that ignited the passion within these two souls, compelling them to craft extraordinary brews.

Since the closing chapters of 2017, Oriel has proudly maintained its status as an independent brewery, meticulously orchestrated solely by its visionary founders. With unwavering dedication, they continue to brew small-scale, one-of-a-kind creations, inviting all who seek to explore the enchanting realm of craft and artisanal beer to join them on this remarkable journey.

Oriel Beer’s  Oriel Quadrupel Raspberry Vanilla secured the best score at the 2023 USA Beer Ratings winning Best in Show by Country and Gold with a score of 90 points.

Lots of berries in the beer, nice tasting ale.


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