Winning Impact

Winning Impact

Here is the marketing impact you will have when you win a medal at USA Beer Ratings: 

  1. Results to go to 50,000 trade professionals in the USA in the Beverage Trade Network community.

  2. Results will get press awareness among media partners of USA Beer Ratings and will be posted on BTN news, Bevroute News.

  3. Results to go to 20,000 Top Buyers of USA.

  4. Top level USA buyers will see your package giving you great exposure.

  5. All Year Round Social Media

  6. Free First 1000 Stickers added to your sticker order.

  7. Results also get circulated to 2000 Beer importers and distributors in the USA.

  8. Winners will be given an opportunity to be showcased at USA Trade Tasting in New York, and IBWSS San Francisco.

Get your Beer assessed by top USA buyers & learn how relevant your Beer is to consumer. Enter your Beer today to get a chance to win above benefits.

Key Dates:

Super early bird registration ends: January 30, 2020
International Registration Ends: April 30, 2020
Warehouse Closes For Samples: June 10, 2020
Judging Dates: July 26, 2020
Winners Announced: August 12, 2020

Fee Schedule:

$65 - From December 11, 2019, to January 30, 2020 (Super Early Bird Offer) 

$75 - From January 31, 2020, to March 30, 2020 (Early Bird Offer)

$90 - From March 31, 2020, Onwards (Regular Price)

(Prices in USD)