Salt Flats Brewery: Crafting Excellence Beyond the Racetrack

25/09/2023 Where Tradition Meets Innovation and Craftsmanship

Nestled discreetly within South Salt Lake's bustling commercial district, the Salt Flats Brewery resides in a remarkable space - once a racing facility owned by the proprietor. Though the high-octane racing machines have found new homes, this building continues to thrive, not on horsepower, but on the art of brewing award-winning craft beer.

Fueled by Thirst - Driven by Passion

A brewery is more than just the sum of its ingredients; it encapsulates the spirit, ambiance, and uniqueness of its place of origin. Salt Flats Brewing, with its origins rooted in the Garage Grill in Draper, UT, has rapidly gained a fervent following that stretches across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and beyond.their craft beers, deeply inspired by the world of racing, offer an exhilarating first-place experience from the moment you crack open a bottle.


Their Craft Beer

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At Salt Flats Brewery, theytake immense pride in their ability to craft a diverse array of delectable craft beers. Whether your palate craves the hoppy intensity oftheirSlipstream Double India Pale Ale, the refreshing allure oftheirGerman-style Flat Out Hefeweizen, or the velvety richness oftheirLowrider Chocolate Milk Stout,their lineup of award-winning brews promises to introduce you to a new favorite with every sip.

On a Winning Streak!

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Our commitment to brewing excellence has not gone unnoticed. In fact, we've been steadily accumulating accolades, and there's no sign of the slowing down anytime soon. Notably, Salt Flats Brewery's Kilted Harley Scottish Ale achieved the highest score at the prestigious 2023 USA Beer Ratings. This remarkable achievement earned it the coveted title of Beer of the Year, Best In Show By Country, Best Beer Of The Year by Quality, and even secured the prestigious Brewery of the Year award. With a stellar score of 93 points, it's clear that their commitment to crafting exceptional beer has truly paid off. Cheers to the thrill of victory in every bottle!


Image Source: Salt Flats Brewing Co.


Salt Flats Brewery’s Kilted Harley Scottish Ale secured the highest score at the 2023 USA Beer Ratings making it Beer of the Year , Best In Show By Country, Best Beer Of The Year by Quality, Brewery of the Year and Gold with a score of 93 points.


Fantastic Scottish Ale perfect for a cool evening.


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