A War Veteran’s Relaxing Sip

17/04/2021 Retired Navy Seal Sean Haggerty now brews award-winning craft beer.

During the summer of 2010, deployed in Iraq, the now-retired navy seal Sean Haggerty needed a nice cold pint having returned from a long operation. The ingredients to make one were in his hand the next day, and within a few weeks of that, he had brewed his first beer. While he was making his beer, which he admitted was not his best, he found himself enjoying the process. As soon as he had the first sip, he had found his passion post serving in the defense forces.


He immediately decided to pursue this newfound passion and hit the ground running by securing a great location in Miramar where Protector Brewery resides today. The brewing process underwent alongside the grinding of cement, the painting of the walls and in a matter of a few months and several experimental recipes, Protector Brewery opened its doors and its beer to the community. The summer of 2017 was when the first people wanting a great beer walked through the doors of Protector Brewery and ever since Sean Haggerty and his team have strived to give every visitor a great experience.

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