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The competition looks to recognize, reward and help promote beer brands that have successfully been created to identify and target a specific beer drinker.

For any beer brand to earn its place on a retailer's rack or a restaurant's/bar’s beer list - and after that indispensably remain where - they should be attractive and customer-driven and not simply created in the general expectation it can find enough people willing to sell and buy it.                        

One of the guiding principles of the USA Beer Ratings competition is that all beer that receives medals in competitions should be those that consumers actually want to buy, whether it is shopping for a beer at a retail store, or ordering off a restaurant/bar beer list.

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USA Beer Ratings Judging Process

Inside 2019 USA Beer Ratings

Image: Inside 2019 USA Beer Ratings

The USA Beer Ratings competition has created a 100-point rating system that takes into account three different criteria (Quality, Value and Packaging) rather than just the brewing technique or overall taste.

The USA Beer Ratings will be decided based on the following judging formula:

Q (Quality Score) + Value Score (V) + Package Score (P) = USA Beer Ratings Score.

A separate weighted score will be given for each of the three parts of the judging process. The scores will be added up to give a final score from which individual prizes will be awarded.

  1. Quality Score: will be marked out of 50

  2. Value Score: will be marked out of 25

  3. Package Score: will be marked out of 25

USA Beer Ratings Judging Panel

The judging panel at the USA Beer Ratings consists of top-level beer buyers who are directly involved with current commercial buying, beer consultants, beer sommeliers, bartenders, and other industry experts who are also directly involved in the development of new beer brands and buying beer for commercial resale.

Judges at the 2020 USA Beer Ratings are drawn from leading retail chains, wholesalers, distributors and on-trade groups across a variety of channels and disciplines including multiple retailing, convenience stores, cash and carries, specialist retailers, casual and fine dining, hospitality and travel industry.

Team 2 at 2019 USA Beer Ratings

Image: Team 2 at 2019 USA Beer Ratings

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2020 USA Beer Ratings Awards

To receive a

  • Gold: you need to score 90 or over.

  • Silver: you need to score between 80-89.

  • Bronze: you need to score between 70-79.

Along with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, USA Beer Ratings also offers a plethora of ‘Special Category’ awards which include :

  • Beer Of The Year

  • Brewery Of The Year

  • Best In Show By Country

  • Beer Of The Year By Quality

  • Beer Of The Year By Value

  • Beer Of The Year By Package

Benefits of winning a USA Beer Ratings Medal:

  1. Commercial Relevance

A medal from USA Beer Ratings will give future trade beer buyers, be they for a supermarket, specialist beer retailer, casual dining, bars, or upmarket restaurant, the re-assurance that these are beers that their customers want to buy.

  1. Cross-Industry Recognition

 The USA Beer Ratings also recognises the huge talent and skills that now exist right through the beer supply chain. From the beer makers, and producers that are making the beer; through to the specialist importers and wholesalers that help bring them to market; along with the designers, packaging experts and brand development teams that ensure there is a market and customer base to sell to.

  1. Build Consumer Awareness

 Winners in the USA Beer Ratings will be supported by a strong consumer awareness campaign, particularly through social media channels and beer comparison apps, to promote this new global ratings.

2020 Registrations are now open. Early bird offer ends July 20, 2020.

Enter your beer now.

Key Dates:

Early Bird Registration Ends: July 31, 2020

International Registration Ends: Aug 31, 2020

Domestic Registration Ends: Sep 15, 2020

Warehouse Closes For Samples: September 30, 2020

Judging Dates: October 25, 2020

Winners Announced: November 09, 2020

2020 USA Beer Ratings Fee:

$75 Early Bird Pricing - From Feb 21, 2020, to July 31, 2020

$90 Regular Pricing - From Aug 1, 2020, Onwards

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USA Beer Ratings Organisers

The USA Beer Ratings has been created exclusively by the Beverage Trade Network, the US drinks events, services, business and publishing group dedicated to helping drinks producers and brand owners get closer to the buyers, distributors and retailers that can bring their products to market.

It is part of a new wider USA drinks awards initiative that also includes The USA Wine Ratings and the USA Spirits Ratings that look to reward and highlight market driven wine and spirits brands.

Get rated by Quality, Value, and Packaging by the top trade buyers in the USA. The final submission deadline is June 28, 2024. Here is how to enter.